Glasses ? Contact lenses? Maybe both?

Spectacles are not only an aid to vision but can also be a great visual asset. Frames come in all flavours: from bright & funky to classically elegant; fun & frivolous to subdued minimalism – the choice is yours.

A good choice of frame from one of many fashion houses will not only compliment the shape of your face, but the change of look could be just what you need. And the choice available with modern technologies in both material and design allow clear, easy to use lenses that maximise the benefits from your new prescription.

Ashburton Eyecare will help you make the right choice of frames and lenses, ensuring you’re getting the best value from the products you choose. Colours, materials, quality, design, comfort, reliability and cost all contribute to your decision of what to wear, and why.

Have fun, be confident and see well at the same time.

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