Why Choose Us

Is your vision all it could be?

Your family’s eye health is our only concern. If your eyes feel strained or tired and you’re having trouble driving or reading, it’s time to make an appointment. And if you have a question about your child’s eye health, simply phone us. Find out whether your eyes are healthy and if your vision is the best it can be.

At Ashburton Eyecare, we use our expertise in optometry and fashion eyewear to provide you with exceptional value and quality in order to give you the best possible experience. Our experienced and dedicated staff have been servicing the growing communities of Ashburton, Glen Iris and surrounds for many decades – so it helps that we enjoy children’s vision!

Ashburton and Glen Iris are home to increasing numbers of young families. We get to know many families through contact with surrounding schools and it’s a real pleasure to help children make the most of their school years. Children who came to us while in kindergarten are now at university or working, and we still see them for their regular eye checkups.

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